"David Schwartz" is a composer, known for his scoring of the music for several television series. He composed most of the songs for Arrested Development/Arrested Development, and he returned as the series composer for the Arrested_Development_(season_4)/fourth season, which debuted on Netflix.

Schwartz attended the School of Visual Arts in New York and the Berklee College of Music in Boston. He began composing music for television and film in 1990. The theme he wrote for his first network television series, Northern Exposure, resulted in a Grammy nomination. He scored every episode of all seven seasons the show ran.

He has scored themes for television productions including Two of Us (2000 television)/Two of Us, Deadwood (TV series)/Deadwood, Arrested Development (TV series)/Arrested Development, Carpoolers, Running Wilde, and Beverly Hills, 90210. His film credits include You Stupid Man.

He is the father of singer-songwriter Lucy Schwartz, with whom he has collaborated on several projects, including the music for Arrested Development.

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