I am not against sleep deprivation. I'm not against manipulating the environment.

Imminent attack unfolding in front of your eyes.

In clear language say, 'This may be nothing, but let me tell you what I saw.'

This arrest comes at a great time.

People who are loitering in an area, evaluating the consistency or presence of security measures ... using note taking devices at visual events or a tape recorder at a visual event ... walking in a manner consistent with measuring or pacing.

You shouldn't intervene. No citizen should feel compelled unless they see something that is exactly what it appears to be.

Intelligence is so fluid right now, ... To fit somebody in place in order to go kill them, you've got to be able to respond quickly for that information to be useful. So now with the Marines on the ground you're talking about a reaction time that's under an hour in some cases, maybe minutes.

The average person doesn't know that they can call the FBI regional office ... you can call any of the law enforcement offices out there to protect people.

A citizen should basically note first the descriptors -- height, weight, complexion, hair style, clothing, associated license plate. Then they should report it ... in a manner consistent with credibility.