This is an odd one. You have one country in the world where a word has a deeper meaning, it can really mess with design plans. ...But we have a difficult situation here so I guess we'll be looking at putting different sound chips in the dolls heading there [Britain].

We knew we wanted to make the soldiers look realistic.

This is the new generation's cult classic film; fans will be repeating the lines over and over just like my generation did with three or four movies when I was 13.

Batman is easily my most favorite character beside Spawn.

We aren't selling these products to just retailers, we're selling them to our fans as well, ... And I think they should have a chance to see this cool stuff too.

I believe the nature of the Hanna-Barbera brand will allow us to bring to life a wonderful new world of action figures, which will be embraced by collectors and fans alike. We will be utilizing the full range of McFarlane talent for this collection and applying our characteristic style and finesse to the timeless Hanna-Barbera characters.

Why can't plastic figures appeal to 22-year-olds? ... The answer is they can. It's just subject matter.

There hasn't been a big show in New York for a few years. It's sort of like the NFL not having a team in Los Angeles. It will be a good old-fashioned geek fest. toy guy is going to have a heart attack if we push that one through...