It's our hope that coming out of the summit, the leaders will have some concrete steps that all the countries of the region can be taking.

The degree to which there is division in the Americas, the degree to which there are people who want to opt out of that common consensus, it lessens the chances of successfully achieving the kind of agenda that we have identified.

We wish the new, democratically elected government success. The United States is going to support the new government.

With jobs you can attack social exclusion.

We're prepared to begin a process of dialogue to determine how our two governments can work together on a common agenda.

The tide has just turned. LGBT elders are getting to an age when they want their housing needs addressed. It's time to increase our visibility and stand up for LGBT seniors.

We think that based on current legal limits, based on what the European Union study is going to come up with, it will be possible for us to have a conversation, a dialogue with Bolivia about what a legal harvest could be.

I don't know if Seattle had the assets or the queer community to make it a reality. There was an informal need but it wasn't the right time.

What we're looking to do is find ways to unlock some of these economies so they get the kind of investment they need, they get the kind of trade they need and they have the flexibility within their labor markets to generate employment.