This is the second incident in about 10 days time. It remains our responsibility to protect our people from outside intrusion. … These women, these children, they are important. They are our people.

Basically, the delegation is coming to discuss the proposal that Pakistan had given to India on allowing travel. The Indian proposal can also be discussed at the meeting.

Whatever intelligence it was, it was faulty. Probably it was done on the basis of some information that there were foreign militants in the area. But this information could have been shared with our armed forces, and they could have taken action without killing so many innocent civilians.

The visit dates are being worked out and we expect the visit to take place around the third week of January.

We have not yet received any list from India and our list has not gone to India.

We hope that we will reach an agreement with India.

There is no response from the US on our protest lodged after the missile attack.

What we have been told is that the US ambassador appreciated the policies of the President of Pakistan and there were some attempts to involve him in a discussion on the internal situation in Pakistan, which according to the embassy, he resisted and did not make any comments.

It is our hope that we will be able to implement this proposal this month.