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If you can't appreciate what you've got, then you had better get what you can appreciate.

George Bernard Shaw

If you don't appreciate it, you don't deserve it.

Terry Josephson

We appreciate them taking our people and training them.

Cal Bender

We appreciate Bubba O'Keefe for allowing us to see the WROX museum.

Mark Auslander

There were times in the lease negotiations when we had a gun put to our head, and we didn't appreciate it.

Tim Leiweke

It certainly lit our fire a little bit. It certainly made us appreciate what we have.

David Draiman

It is a very good thing, ... We really do appreciate it.

Linda Johnson

I appreciate that he pulled a Billy Koch and we were able to win.

Billy Koch

The ordinariness of living to be old is too novel a thing to appreciate.

Ronald Blythe

There are things we can appreciate and things which we need to talk about.

Ross Bannister

The trouble with being punctual is that nobody's there to appreciate it.

Franklin P. Jones

Well, some people appreciate me and some people don't like me.


They're very genuine, very humble. They really appreciate it.

Mark Abbott

I love what I do, and I appreciate this very much. Trick question.

Annette Bening

It is easy to criticize an author, but difficult to appreciate him.

Vauvenargues, Marquis De

(The bowl) lets you appreciate the smartness of the kids.

Ricky Bell

Without a doubt, it makes you appreciate what you have.

Aidan Nolan

We appreciate what the people in this town are doing.

Glenn King

We're getting by. We are blessed and appreciate what we have here with the kids and our community.

Wendy Welch

I do appreciate that the most important thing as a manager is to get good results.

Stuart Pearce

I don't have anything against any of them, ... They are volunteers, and I appreciate what they did. My job is to do what's best for the city.

Gary Graham

There are a lot of responsible dog owners out here, and we appreciate Lafayette doing this for us.

Margaret Wilson

They don't take anything for granted. They appreciate where they are.

Willie Lemay

We appreciate all our sponsors who support us here at the center.

Carolyn Coates

We really appreciate their help.

John Mckee

Maybe you have to know darkness before you can appreciate the light.

Madeleine L'Engle

I really appreciate the kind gesture of the officials.

Wilson Oruma

She has to look back on her career and appreciate what she's done.

Karen Aston

Even though the IU has made a concerted effort - and we appreciate that - the savings will not be anywhere near as much.

Thomas Finlan

I really appreciate it. I just love sharing the workload.

Chris Coakley

I appreciate they have said that. I will appreciate it more when I see it happen.

Thomas Kurth

They rubbed our noses in it last year, and I didn't appreciate that.

Joe Glenn

It's sad but sometimes a community doesn't truly appreciate what it has until it's gone.

Angel Anderson

Without knowing, they can't appreciate what is being done.

Judith Bondus

We want people to appreciate the history.

Christopher Eck

They've been well-informed all the way along. They stay on top of it, and we appreciate their involvement.

Monte Cherry

Sometimes it's good to contrast what you like with something else. It makes you appreciate it even more.

Darby Conley

We plan to do other things for this place which we know everyone will appreciate.

Burning Spear

We truly appreciate what you do for our soldiers.

Thomas Turner

They've been really good about helping us out. We appreciate all their help.

Peggy Reichenbach

We're very proud of you. This is a little bit of a way that we can tell you how much we appreciate you, and we can honor you for life.

Danny Hearn

San Antonio has embraced us to another level, ... They honestly have and we appreciate it and we won't forget it.

Joe Horn

We appreciate your thoughts and your help.

Linda Seaton

You don't need to be in everyone's face all the time to appreciate what you do.

Alex Turner

It's not the kind of play where you clap. You appreciate it and absorb it.

Judy Chandler

I appreciate and couldn't do it without my assistant.

Jeremiah Denniston

No sir, I don't, ... I would appreciate it.

George Craig

These guys are life. They have no idea how much we appreciate them.

Robin Bond

I go to every drive-in (branch) and tell them I appreciate what they're doing, and they tell me about how we're doing.

Richard L. Evans

It also helps people learn to appreciate the animals more if they're involved in something like this.

Georgia Zern

Thanks for being nice, ... We really appreciate it.

Dryden Mitchell

Thanks for your military career, Stan. We appreciate it.

Jim Simmons

We appreciate all the support but we just don't want to say anything at this time.

Clark Freeman

We appreciate the anger. We're not any happier than they are.

Jim Steets

I really appreciate any help I can get.

Frances Grigsby

I appreciate all the help I'm getting; every bit of it.

Dolores Clemens

It's in and out, but it will be good. Maybe it will make us appreciate home.

Jacques Lemaire

There's so much history here. Taking a tour helps people appreciate it.

Sara Phillips

We appreciate the premier's attention.

Robin Lee

I know that means a lot to him. I just appreciate every one of you.

Sara White

If anything, more people should know about it and appreciate it.

John Witherspoon

Parents, they're strict on you when you're little, and you don't understand why. But as you get older, you understand and you appreciate it.

Grant Hill

He played much better. He didn't give us much (Friday), but he did (Saturday), and we appreciate it.

Tyrone Johnson

She does so much for me. How can I not appreciate her?

Mayme Olson

People who come here really do appreciate art.

Annika Hemminge

All of our parents are so amazing. We really do appreciate our families. ... It's definitely helped out so much.

Bryan Randall

I can appreciate it, that you love it, but I don't get it.

Dhani Jones

The kids really, really love it and appreciate it. It can really be an eye-opening experience for them.

Monika Herzig

To appreciate present conditions, collate them with those of antiquity.

Basil Bunting

[The Red Sox] have a lot of confidence in me and I appreciate that.

Alex Cora

We would appreciate as many resources as we can get.

Bennett King

We appreciate all the calls and everything they've done for us.

Buddy Miller

I appreciate that the judge took into account all the mitigating factors.

Karl Numinen

We appreciate all their thoughts, prayers and calls.

Randy Wilson

They don't know, but I think they appreciate it that he does something as cool as that.

Doug Enas

It means a lot to us that people enjoy it and can appreciate it.

Aislinn Ryan

I'd appreciate it if they'd bring my dog back.

Brian Henderson

I sure do appreciate that people think so much about me.

Fats Domino

These girls are amazing, and they gave everything they had ... I really appreciate that.

Carolina Hernandez

We know we can do better and we appreciate suggestions.

Gary Kubic

One is taught by experience to put a premium on those few people who can appreciate you for what you are.

Gail Godwin

She gets into my job as much as I do, and I appreciate that. She's really passionate about what she does; she enjoys her job and it shows.

Mandy Smith

Man, he's 7-foot-6. You don't really appreciate it until you see it in person.

Trent Plaisted

It looks really well and we appreciate A.C. Collins doing this for us.

Neel Mcgovern

We appreciate the offer, but Los Angeles is not under consideration.

Brian Mccarthy

You will have an opportunity to appreciate the magnificence of Orthodox iconography.

Cornelia Merchant

I did the best I could for six years, ... and if they can't appreciate that ...

Chamique Holdsclaw

We shared bad times and we appreciate good times.

Gene Westfall

He who is carried on another's back does not appreciate how far off the town is.

African Proverb

I think they went out of their way to accommodate region rivalries. And I appreciate that.

Steve Pardue

We really appreciate this. It's going to help us out for the next few years.

Charles Mcfarland

I want to tell you how much I appreciate the partnership we have with the Observer.

Mike Byers

You do not appear to realise or appreciate how serious these matters are.

Michael Rosenberg

I appreciate your help, you have a friend for life, doc.

William Cotton

Yes, we really did appreciate that, ... I just thank the Lord for them bringing us up there.

Mary Lee

We appreciate them telling the press that they've been ruled out.

Jim Asher

Just fortunate for us, fortunate that it's not as bad, i'm sure we appreciate that.

Kela Miller

They don?t appreciate Miss Nelson at all, but they do at the end, believe me.

Jill Womack

We were blessed with the donation. This is our opportunity to show them how much we appreciate the donation.

Steve Sweeney

"I had to go to France to appreciate Iowa."

Grant Wood

I really hope my peers appreciate and respect what I'm doing.

Shania Twain

I really appreciate when someone can blow me away with live acoustic blues.

Johnny Winter

She seemed very nice. I appreciate that.

Chris Bartlett

Arabs greatly appreciate personal contact.

Michel Alaby

I have to appreciate everything this organization has done for me. Now, I have to go to another page.

Tomas Perez

I tell you, the employees really appreciate the board doing this.

Debbie Davis

I appreciate all of this. I've never been this blessed.

Melvin Taylor

And we can also appreciate penetration.

Christopher Rand

We appreciate it, but, if it had come two or three days later, we could have found us something.

George Collins

I appreciate all they've done for me, but this is a business.

Ugueth Urbina

You never truly appreciate things until they are gone.

Aurora Greenway

We appreciate the fact that we have such a good situation.

Jay Newton

I just appreciate the clarity of her voice.

Alison Krauss

They are happy to be here. They appreciate the help.

Abdul Matin

He's sure fighting and we appreciate everybody's prayers.

Terry Greene

Everybody jumps out and does their thing. It's better now we have more manpower. ... We sure do appreciate it.

Walter Allen

People appreciate and help their home library, and we appreciate their help.

Patti Miller

I appreciate what Morales does. He drives from Yuma every day.

Ernesto Prieto

I would appreciate any help you can give.

Elizabeth Dole

I'm excited. After a season without a team it makes me appreciate it more.

Ellen Gerton