I would rather have a player who showed a bit of heart out there than one who just accepted things.

Well, some people appreciate me and some people don't like me.

You f***** us over, too. You could have spoken out about it before.

I went on the internet today and some people were saying some more shit about me. You know, like there's this one guy who's saying today, 'Why does Fergie have it so easy? How come she just joins the band just as it gets all successful? She hasn't worked for it.' And I'm just thinking, 'WHAT? You don't even know me!'

[Ronaldo has returned to his native Madeira for the funeral and Fergie admitted he was not sure when the 20-year-old would be ready to return.] It's a difficult time for the boy, ... His dad was only 46. And it didn't help that Cristiano got the news when he was in Russia with Portugal.

[HOW THEY DRESS.] Everyone has their different look, ... Will's got his knickers and crazy socks, and Taboo has his kung fu wear. I have to think of words to put my style into. I would say kind of urban gypsy, because I collect things, accessories, from all over the world [Asia, Africa, Brazil], and that is definitely what, for me, helps make an outfit my own.

More than the results we've achieved, the thing that has impressed me the most is the spirit and determination the players have shown. I'm really proud of them and what they have achieved so far.

We've got to get back there, and with Ruud van Nistelrooy back to his best plus Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney getting better, we have a great chance.

I was doing gymnastics in a leotard when wardrobe comes up to me and is like, 'It's time.'