We had too many young guys in there to give them a serious challenge. I just wanted to see how individuals could go out there and improve as wrestlers.

He can shoot the ball just as well as anyone. He's got a lot of offensive talents. His brilliance combined with his willingness to learn has been an asset to our program. His numbers have improved, and I expect him to pick it up more during the postseason.

We finished up strong (in Friday's second round). (Saturday), we ended kind of flat, but we did start out on fire. We had good pressure on the ball (in the first half), and we matched up well.

He played much better. He didn't give us much (Friday), but he did (Saturday), and we appreciate it.

Jefferson has a three-guard scoring rotation, and that makes them capable of scoring very quickly. We must stop them in transition and close out well. We also have to use our length on the glass and our passing lanes.

Kyle showed a lot of presence of mind not to panic when he went behind. It took a lot of guts to go for the reversal instead of just taking his one point and tying it.

I thought in the first half, Kelvin shied away from his shot a little bit. His shots are always good shots, regardless if they go in or not. In the second half, he manned up and proved himself.

He wasn't taught much fundamentals from a perimeter standpoint. When you are standing in front of the press, you have to be defensively sound and guard the quicker guy on the floor. That was asking too much from a first-year player.

(James) has been with me a few years now. And I take suggestions from Jessica about the boys team, too.