I don't consider it a big deal. My typical reaction is, we get it and turn it over to the legal process, and I really don't have any comment.

There were some real concerns for the donation of land for future public services.

How many do you send and how often? I guess that's between the community and the elected representatives. If it's done on a rotation basis and the seminars are relevant, I don't see where it's abused by us.

The most important thing for people to know is, as the population grows, the need for essential services has been a burden on our capability to live within our growth.

It's very important we think of long-term solutions because as the population grows this problem is only going to get bigger.

We know we can do better and we appreciate suggestions.

I have not had any discussions regarding a stadium. I know as we grow, we will need recreational facilities and joint-use facilities. ... But what I'm concerned about is, where will the funds come from?

We would have the ability to control, and flexibility to be able to respond to circumstances daily.

It's one of those kinds of things that exists and people don't pay attention to until they have to.