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If you would persuade, you must appeal to interest rather than intellect.

Benjamin Franklin

Logic is like the sword-those who appeal to it shall perish by it.

Samuel Butler

Even Bernie Ebbers, who got 25 years, is out pending appeal.

Charles Stillman

Jean-Pierre has got until the end of tomorrow to decide whether to appeal.

John Blake

We're out there appealing every time we think something's out. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

Ricky Ponting

He's one of those inspired writers ... but he has a warmth that is appealing to teachers.

Lynn Stewart

We will certainly appeal.

Arthur Andersen

They love them. They appeal to more people, too, including women.

Tom Wallace

Hopefully it's appealing to everyone.

Bryan Randall

More appealing than knowledge itself is the feeling of knowledge.

Daniel J. Boorstin

There is an appeal under discussion. Nancy will be advised as to her right to appeal.

Alexander King

We will definitely appeal the decision to arrest him.

Igor Trunov

NBC Universal has some appeal. It can generate quite a bit of cash.

Robert Zagunis

They were intended to be the fastest amphibian aircraft in the world. That's a big appeal.

Paul Marshall

We're baffled by this judge's decision and we're planning to appeal.

Leeanne Mizer

His chances on appeal are between small and tiny.

Joshua Dressler

We have a strong case for an appeal after studying the acquittal judgement.

Ravi Pawar

It's very visual and has audience appeal.

Mark Thielen

I appeal to the electorate not to vote these militarists.

Miria Kalule Obote

It's a one-year coffee break while they appeal.

Charles Hudson

We will vigorously appeal on behalf of our client.

Li Decheng

We?re definitely going to appeal.

Shareen Vogel

It's a great show and a great way to appeal to the younger crowd.

Andy Klotz

That's certainly the process we set up, and they are welcome to go through the appeal process, and we welcome their input.

Bob Williams

We're disappointed with the verdict and certainly we intend to appeal.

David Simpson

I will use my right to appeal before a higher authority.

Sesil Karatantcheva

It's the lure of easy money, It's got a very strong appeal.

Glenn Frey

Our appeal is to all parties. There can be no cease-fire with one side.

Benon Sevan

Although it's a little isolated, there is a lot of cosmopolitan appeal here in AA.

Keith Bellows

No choice but to pursue an appeal.

Charles Kupchella

I thought it would appeal to the audience.

Tom Miner

We just have to now concentrate on the appeal.

Charles Stillman

They're doing it to appeal to the younger workers.

Gary Chaison

I believe that true art is universal in its appeal.

John Mccormack

You can't carry out your appeal all the way to conclusion and then say when you lose, 'Well, that doesn't count,'.

Frank Mckenna

It was very informative, but probably would only appeal to those interested in Arabic linguistics.

Jeff Berry

You're appealing to the organization that found against you to begin with.

George Innes

He is real anxious about the appeal.

Linda Mcdermott

They've put a lot of content on it that will appeal to Gen Y.

Tim Smalley

He's appealing the judgment, but his assets have been frozen.

Robert Saunooke

We are appealing to the public to give the family any information they may have on my son.

Jane Johnson

I absolutely think it will, because it makes .Net a more appealing proposition.

Anders Hejlsberg

No one is appealing to you to do your job.

Phil Dawson

Certainly there are some organizations that find the integration appealing. My point is there are some that don't and they have no way to get rid of it.

Glenn Weadock

When you appeal to force, there's one thing you must never do - lose.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

I'm very angry. We'll be going through regular channels to appeal.

Li Datong

This kind of appeal is a good seed catalogue.

Jack Pitney

Appeal tonight directly to every American.

Alan Keyes

It is the mark of great art that its appeal is universal and eternal.

Clive Bell

The whole process of appeal is something we are considering.

Jeff Lewis

This [case] has a wider appeal than last time.

Michael Spillman

He wanted to file an appeal. There is no appeal. His DQ stands.

Trip Weldon

I have no doubt in my mind we will win the appeal.

Wendy Harris

Our lives are in danger, and I appeal to President Chirac to do something and abolish this law.

Georges Malbrunot

We are appealing the denial and that the city said the proposal was too dense.

Mark Watts

We didn't do it to be angry, we did it to look cool. We thought it would be appealing to us.

Kevin Gibson

The CONI appeal is weighing on us. I hope it is withdrawn.

Francesco Storace

The NFL has a mass appeal that's just unprecedented.

Whitney Wagoner

After the appeal, I understand it wouldn't be until the spring of 2006.

Robert Portman

I don't expect us to appeal this decision.

Travis Larson

You don't lose money by appealing to fans.

Jonathan Potter

We will appeal for justice. If we could not make it, our sons will continue to sue.

Cui Guangting

We will be appealing.

Jack Walker

Appeal to something larger than self-interest.

Nick Morgan

It doesn't decide the major appeal before the D.C. Court of Appeals.

Harvey Saferstein

An appeal to reason in a dark time.

Thomas Frank

If those are her findings, those are going to be very difficult to overturn on appeal.

Ron Safer

Every brother has the right to appeal to get back in if they choose.

Paul Hanus

We're not happy in this sentence and we will appeal immediately.

Mercedes Corby

Today they can see that the fruits of reformasi . . . are not so appealing.

Mahathir Mohamad

What we are trying to do is appeal to customers with technological experience.

Michael Dell

So what is the secret to her never?ending appeal?

Barbara Lounsberry

They said I was late. Everyone I talked to said I should appeal and I will.

Stephen Alexander

It's comedy with a universal appeal with a Latin flavor.

Rick Najera

I am looking for it to be collaborative. It is a problem that is appealing to people.

Amos Winter

We will appeal. He is not guilty, he is innocent.

Hastimal Saraswat

There is no need to be excited or encouraged by the appeal.

Mahesh Acharya

Support.com offers a one-stop shop, which is appealing.

Corey Ostman

An appeal is when you ask one court to show its contempt for another court.

Finley Peter Dunne

'Voodoo Lounge' is the Stones' most appealing album in years.

Robert Hilburn

We should be widely available because of the local appeal.

Chris Bevilacqua

The trustees are disappointed with the P.A. decision and they plan to appeal.

Patrick Kelly

More than likely, several of us will appeal from the conservation side of things.

Jonathan Proctor

We have filed an appeal with the ICC against the ban.

Salim Altaf

That's what's so appealing here is getting to see that middle.

Brad Meltzer

The purpose is to broaden Israel's appeal to sun and fun seekers.

Jonathan Pulik

This is only a half-hearted appeal.

Rajendra Dahal

This segment should appeal to all ages of listeners.

James Lyon

You had the right of appeal. You did not take it.

Richard May

We will meet to see what can be done about the appeal.

Abbas Zaidi

Very little credibility and very little appeal to anyone anywhere on the Republican ideological spectrum.

Jim Jordan

There's nothing ridiculous about our appeal.

Jeffry House

We will appeal in the high court and he will get bail.

Vikas Kapoor

I think there's room in the decision for an appeal.

Andrew Abood

We are disappointed by this decision, but confident it will be overturned on appeal.

Bruce Bender

Sometimes, part of pop's appeal is the container.

Deborah Wilcox Jamieson

There is precious little in civilization to appeal to a Yeti.

Edmund Hillary

There is absolutely some truth in that. To find appealing ideas in tech is very difficult to do.

Zach Shafran

The FJ is intended to appeal to the extreme off-road enthusiast.

Ernest Bastien

We're anticipating that that decision on the appeal ought to be done fairly quickly.

Eric Swanson

Lionel wanted to make sure he had the right to appeal.

Ellis Rubin

If there was another court to appeal to, you could bet your bloody breath that Sony would.

Eddy Stevens

The box is easy to handle. It's appealing to customers.

Ed Henry