The whole budget is based on the tobacco settlement and ... I think it is fair to say when you talk to people on the (Capitol) Hill that the tobacco settlement is dead.

[The court gave] significant weight ... she may have little worthwhile life left.

Give him a chance to respond.

The size and complexity of the case.

In the light of the state of the accused's health and the length and complexity of the case, the trial chamber is concerned about completion of the trial.

Mr. Milosevic, I asked you a question. Do you wish to enter a plea today or are you asking for adjournment to consider the matter further?

Now do you want to have the indictment read out, or not?

You had the right of appeal. You did not take it.

All the matters you raise you've argued before and we have ruled upon (them). There is no reason for them to raised again in these proceedings. We will be hearing the rest of your arguments and submissions tomorrow morning.