"Thomas William "Tom" Wallace" is a former Australian politician.

He was born in Sale, Victoria/Sale to Harold Roy Wallace, a farmer, and Phyllis Violet. He attended Kilmany, Victoria/Kilmany State School and Sale Technical School before becoming a grazier. He was active in the local community and in the National Party of Australia/National Party, and he was elected to Shire of Rosedale/Rosedale Shire Council in 1975, serving until 1982 (president 1980–81). In 1982 he was elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly as the member for Electoral district of Gippsland South/Gippsland South. While in parliament he was the party spokesman on housing, employment and training. In 1992 he left his seat to challenge Australian Labor Party/Labor MLA Keith Hamilton (politician)/Keith Hamilton in Electoral district of Morwell/Morwell, but he was defeated. From 1994 to 1997 he was commissioner of the Shire of Baw Baw.{{cite web

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