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I answered Brewster every time. Then, he felt my power.

Sergei Liakhovich

A question that needs to be answered.

Peter Nicholson

That's the million-dollar question we would all like answered.

Ben Smith

The assumption is questions have been answered and everyone agrees.

David Lake

They answered every run we had. We just couldn't get over the hump.

Brady Wells

I answered the question. They may not have liked the answer, it may not have been the answer they wanted, but I answered the question.

Jim Newberry

He never asked me the question, 'Are you going to be there in 2007 or 2008?' because I would have answered yes.

Patrick Faure

In most cases someone can get their questions answered in one phone call.

Stephanie Mcfarland

Well, there's no point asking questions which cannot be answered.

Nicholas Witchell

Jordan did a great job, he answered the bell.

Shannon Brown

We challenged the kids, and they answered the call today.

Jay Lasley

The big key for us is we answered with runs when we were at-bat.

Jeremy Whitaker

He answered a lot of our questions and (corrected) spelling errors.

Theresa Cullen

He has cooperated with authorities and answered all their questions.

Leslie Ballin

When you state that you have met with us and answered our questions, that's really not the case.

Diane Brown

The more questions that are being answered, the more get asked.

Bill Uttley

Have I answered your questions?

Ben Dattner

You answered all the questions I would have asked.

Barbara Reynolds

How can a question be answered that asks a lifetime of questions?

Norman Maclean

There's a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Pat Hanlon

Ask questions from your heart and you will be answered from the heart.

Omaha Proverb

It's important that the community has its questions answered and its concerns addressed.

Larry Altose

Warfare against civilians must never be answered in kind. Terror must never be answered with terror.

Caleb Carr

Our kids became very confident and they answered confidently.

Amy Koenning

I think we have answered just about everyone's questions.

Rep. Dennis Ozment

Although we ended up on the short end of the scoreboard, we got some questions answered.

Jay Bly

I would have answered your letter sooner, but you didn't send one.

Goodman Ace

Our prayers are answered not when we are given what we ask but when we are challenged to be what we can be.

Morris Adler

It was a wing and a prayer. We're a Catholic school, so it had to be answered.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone

I just don't see why you are picking at him. He answered the question.

Bob Wickman

I had a lot of mixed emotions -- anger and bitterness (and) a lot of questions that were not answered.

Kathleen Natalie

There are a lot of questions investigators have, and some of them we hope to have answered today.

Steve Mccausland

Prayers are being answered.

Mark Palmer

People's prayers are being answered.

Alma O'neill

I can't say we were able to accommodate every issue, but we answered and made accommodations where we could.

Jamie Wilson

He answered the bell.

Marvin Lewis

I tried calling him back, but he never answered the phone.

Victoria Pino

I am not sure I answered any right.

Ricky Bell

A great uplift. We answered.

Jon Lester

She was in there. She answered the questions.

David Long

I would write him just to ask him something, and he always answered.

Herb Hart

And I answered: He thought it was worth the sacrifice.

Eric Montgomery

I didn't need it. God put us there together. God answered my questions.

Erin Dogan

He seemed in OK spirits. Still, so much stuff not answered yet.

Eric Godard

The report has not answered all our questions.

Fred Bradley

It's a nightmare, ... Your Tax Questions Answered.

Ed Slott

I'm happy to be here. My mother's prayers were answered.

Earl Anderson