I answered the question. They may not have liked the answer, it may not have been the answer they wanted, but I answered the question.

I've enjoyed having a chance to visit with Buck and the folks in his class. Plus, it's a chance to visit with some students who are politically active and will be likely to vote.

The college town area is the most critical piece of real estate in the community. If we find ways to effectively develop that and to promote the exchange of ideas, people and resources between downtown and campus, we would have a terrific local economy.

I don't think Lexington as a whole is safe.

You can't do effective economic development if you don't have a great schools system.

Many of the interests the students have are similar to the interests of the community.

You can't instill any kind of working relationship on the basis of that limited degree of contact.

Agreeing to a spending limit would put me at a disadvantage.

Lexington needs to stay a place where people want to live, learn and raise a family.