We struggled scoring inside tonight. Defensively, we did OK. We didn't play a bad game.

It was our worst shooting night of the season, and Kelso played great. They shot the ball really well and defended well. They had a good game plan. We just got outplayed.

Morris did a great job coming back on us.

We're proud of how far he's come.

At halftime I told the guys, 'hey you've got to bail me out here now'. They got that quick start, but our kids hung in there for the next three or four minutes. They went out there and kicked it up another notch.

Tonight is the best job we've done of playing together as unit.

Our size has always held (opponents) under their average. But also our guards are very athletic. Athleticism and desire are what you need to play defense.

She was in there. She answered the questions.

She's got a lot of ability there, and I have high expectations of her.