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The only alternative to coexistence is codestruction.

Jawaharlal Nehru

There is no alternative to the replacement of Saddam.

David Kay

The alternative is to put a police officer in every store in the country and we can't do that.

Ken Hansen

Moderation is a virtue only in those who are thought to have an alternative.

Henry Kissinger

We wouldn't want to see it promoted as a completely safe alternative.

Amanda Sandford

The use of alternative fuel is good for the farmers, for consumers and for us.

Bruce Winslow

A much better alternative to other alternatives that could have been considered.

Peter Dolan

If that was the only alternative we had, we definitely would do it.

George Curtin

It offers an affordable alternative for health care.

Judith Clark

We will find alternative accommodation, probably of a more modest nature.

Francis Baron

My belief is that standardization and control of OPES is better than [the alternative].

Ned Freed

Our goal is to come up with a better alternative for energy in the community.

Pamela Morris

It's one of the fastest growing alternative fuels on the market.

Keith Collett

Under these circumstances I am left with no alternative but to resign.

Arjuna Ranatunga

And once you select an alternative doesn't mean you're locked into it.

Kerry Johnson

Can it. Let's work on Alternative 7.

Tom Davis

People see Merkel as an alternative out of their desperation. She may not be, but that's how they see her now.

Gerd Langguth

Alternative F is a dead duck.

John Whitescarver

Any other alternative would be a lot more expensive than we're paying right now.

Margie Hapke

There's too many alternative ways to buy computers.

Derrick Berry

They know the NDP is the alternative and is the better choice.

Olivia Chow

If independents push too hard there is no alternative.

Andy Duncan

They absolutely have a monopoly over our operation. There was no alternative for us.

Mike Eggl

Our job is not to punish people, but yet when you have people who will not do what they're required to do, there's no alternative.

Robert M. Hamilton

Should this happen, the UAW's only alternative would be to accept the offer or strike.

Richard Shoemaker

We're working on alternative business arrangements.

George Richards

If your life depends on it, you'll find an alternative, even if it is more money.

Miles Lee

I'd no alternative. It proved to be a false alarm and I saw the game at home on TV.

Iain Gray

Unfortunately, moving the bid was the better alternative than keeping the schedule.

Doug Taylor

The Chinese are offering the loan as an alternative to working with the IMF.

Princeton Lyman

I became a feminist as an alternative to becoming a masochist.

Sally Kempton

They've offered us a nice alternative solution.

John Jansen

Travel is the alternative to war.

Rachel Kaplan

Frankly, they're much more like an alternative newspaper now, much more in your face.

Clancy Dubos

What can we do? We have no other alternative at the moment.

Jyoti Basu

What is the alternative? ... There is no alternative. The only alternative you can give is stalemate.

David Levy

I wanted to get my students something so they had a legal alternative.

Tim O'rourke

There are many reasons to support an alternative site.

Scott Bullock

There was an absolutely closed mind. They would not look at alternative explanations.

David Kay

They are not a real alternative. It would be the very, very, very last alternative.

Matthias Wissmann

It's the cheap alternative to the Italian Riviera.

Rick Steves

None of us want to pay more taxes, but the alternative is even worse.

Dwayne Pielech

The doctor said, 'You're not going to have a chance at all, but you can try this,' ... Well, 'this' is better than the alternative.

James Little

We want to be considered as an alternative to mom and dad dropping them off every day.

Peter Cavanaugh

Ben Franklin called it the alternative to assassination.

Zoe Lofgren