Two is enough. You cannot under-perform continually and expect your loyal supporters to keep buying replica shirts and paying for tickets.

We are going to be lean and mean.

We will find alternative accommodation, probably of a more modest nature.

We needed checks and balances in the system. Andy has held his hand up to some mistakes. The director will do no coaching. He will be a sounding board.

There is no doubt that the performances of the England team since the 2003 Rugby World Cup have been unacceptable and that changes have to be made if we are to turn things round.

I've worked with Clive for a long time. We and our wives are good friends. I have made it very clear that for the post of elite rugby director we are looking for the best person who is currently available.

We budget to win the Six Nations as that gives you maximum revenue, but you are also budgeting to pay win bonuses.

All contracts are rolling 12-month ones.

We are trying to put checks and balances in the process but at the end of the day the coach will have the final say because it is his head that is on the block.