The biggest thing is 'thank you' to everybody in the county. The general public has been very supportive. Team work, that's been the key to the whole thing.

It's a mix between two main things.

There are headaches, ... But the hardest part is the emotional pressure - the thoughts of not growing old with my wife or watching my sons' baseball games.

The future here is still bright and things are very stable.

[AMR] felt it was important to provide the senior management and their families with the same level of pension security as that of its other employees.

I have been going to him my whole life and I sat in the chair and was going nowhere and didn't want to go to college and asked him if I went to barber college if I could work there. I am glad that he gave me this opportunity and maybe the shop will be able to go another 40 years.

When Oregon came open I thought I've got to try that. I'm just really excited it worked out.

The doctor said, 'You're not going to have a chance at all, but you can try this,' ... Well, 'this' is better than the alternative.

I'm going to be learning Western plants and animals.