Unfortunately, the kids didn't notice at the time, so we're not sure which house was giving it out, ... We don't really consider it a prank, because there is some health issues here, with throwing this in with food children are potentially going to eat.

That is just what little boys like to do. But there are definitely some little girls out there too.

The site work is very concerning to us. I mean the whole project is very concerning, but the site and how it impacts the middle school project is very concerning.

Everybody wants to park at the front door, ... That's just not going to happen.

Among a constellation of negatives, that has been one fairly large negative in investor's minds. Every time you have some new, fresh supply coming out, people do get a little bit worried.

Unfortunately, moving the bid was the better alternative than keeping the schedule.

These charges are nothing but an easy money-spinner for the banks. Charges should be fair and reflect the costs involved - not, as they are now, an arbitrary figure picked to make the most money out of unsuspecting customers.

I think our biggest concern is that we wanted to start in April and we're probably looking at a notice to proceed for mid-May.

I was given visitation privileges, and I take advantage of it. Our dogs are like our de facto kids.