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I'm fed up with airlines going in and out of bankruptcy.

Barry Graham

With the airlines, it really becomes the bidding war between only Boeing and Airbus.

Robert Milmore

If oil prices had stayed where they were in 2004 we would be talking about how profitable the airlines are.

Mike Boyd

I think the airlines will want to sell it themselves, too.

Bill Pallone

I called Southwest Airlines and asked how quickly they could get me from here to Biloxi.

Chris Gill

Airlines have trained us, and now it's second nature to us.

Steve Morrison

I hate to say it but some may seek to the blame the airlines and airports.

Reed Kathrein

It's all based on the discount airlines theory.

Dale Moser

Airports are important industry partners for airlines.

Giovanni Bisignani

We need the passenger airlines.

Aaron Lee

It is great to see it. It means there will be more options for airlines.

Willie Walsh

We are facing a crisis in Malaysia Airlines.

Idris Jala

Alaska Airlines takes this incident extremely seriously.

Amanda Tobin

The airlines are pulling a fast one here. There's no teeth in this.

Michael Gross

There are nagging concerns about what Asia may or may mean for the airlines.

John Pincavage

That costs the airlines money, so they're very perturbed about it.

American Society

They may or they may not, but I wouldn't take it for granted if I were one of these other airlines.

Richard Gritta

Airlines know their consumers. I'm not sure they know how far they can push them.

Dean Headley

What took the airlines so long to file?

Seth Young

All the airlines we speak to would be happier with a geographic name.

Tanya Vanasse

The world does not need 300 airlines.

Rod Eddington

The Greek market is a healthy one and can support one or more airlines.

Jacques Barrot