We are half way to anywhere. It's just unfortunate that the airports around us developed before we did.

The large hub cities take a lot for granted. Wichita does not.

It's likely that the America West management has gotten a better feel for the holes in the merged company, and one of them is how it handles domestic reservations. They might have determined that whatever cost savings they're getting are being lost in customer dissatisfaction.

We found that this year, for the second year in a row, airline quality as a whole has gone down across the industry.

They're less on time, they're losing bags at a rate they've never done before, and people are complaining again.

Our performance is about as bad as it was then. Unless we fix a few things, we're probably going to continue to have poorer and poorer performance.

We've got the same problems we had five years ago.

People have already demonstrated that they don't mind driving that three hours and Southwest doesn't need to make this market any more convenient than it already is.

Airlines know their consumers. I'm not sure they know how far they can push them.