"Willie Walsh" may refer to:

* Willie Walsh (Irish businessman) (born 1961), Irish businessman and CEO of International Airlines Group

* Willie Walsh (bishop) (born 1935), Roman Catholic Bishop of Killaloe, Ireland

* Willie Walsh (Cork hurler) (born 1948), Irish sportsperson, hurler for Cork GAA

* Willie Walsh (1910s hurler), Irish hurler with Blackrock and Cork

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It means working longer to get a similar annual pension, but one that is more secure. This should address the pension problem at British Airways once and for all.

We're in the fortunate position that Rod Eddington left the fleet in good shape. It's unlikely we will do anything in the short-term.

This is a solution that will provide competitive, affordable pensions for the future.

Today marks the start of a renewed effort to deliver our goal of a 10 percent operating margin.

It is great to see it. It means there will be more options for airlines.

These changes are necessary to clear the past deficit and to contain the amount of future funding needed.

These are encouraging results which reflect better revenue and the continued efforts of our people to strengthen the business.

It's a gun to the head.

This plan will make us fit for the future. Meeting the business plan's objectives will put us in a position to take on our competitors in preparing for growth.