The luck I've had has all been bad. I've had the Concorde crash, 9/11,foot and mouth, the Gulf war, Sars and high fuel prices. It might make you doubt my sanity, but I've enjoyed it.

I apologize unreservedly to our customers for the disruption to their travel plans and cancellation of our flights.

I am confident we will have it (Concorde) back in the air by late summer.

America's definition of open skies is that we can come in and do what we like, we want access via Britain to the rest of the EU -- you can't have access to the U.S. internal market.

The industry must unite to develop an effective strategy to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

If it does not, governments will view the industry as an easy target for taxes to fund non-aviation projects.

The English are mildly confident this year, which gives me heart because they're probably going to get stuffed [on the Ashes 2005].

The world does not need 300 airlines.