I've done everything I could to stay out of (the Gonzalez case), to avoidpoliticizing it, but I do believe that it is our responsibility to uphold the law, and we're doing our best to do that.

Oh, no, we shouldn't be promoting the use of alcohol, because that will only lead to a life of waste and degradation.

People just feel that travel is not something that's a luxury anymore. It's a necessity, and particularly at this time of year, people want to get home.

We should be very cautious not to mislead the public that these two papers demonstrate that we no longer need to do research on human embryos or human embryonic stem cell lines.

I'm up there in age and my heart is content at this age. The mind and the body work together and must be in balance. Don't be too serious about your life.

Being able to function. Being at the peak of what you can do or at the peak of what you think you should be.

Caring for Older Americans: The Future of Geriatric Medicine.

That costs the airlines money, so they're very perturbed about it.

I think there's an argument that can be made to say they should be more lenient.