So far it's only a handful of people, maybe half a dozen, who we're dealing with now and they're exclusively from the Cape region.

We're looking at property tomorrow.

This is sad, ... but it will make her more famous.

He's not for killing babies. He's not for promoting homosexuality.

Tabloids pick on people who are rich or famous or beautiful. She's all three, so this was the perfect storm for Kate.

It's a small operation, compared to anybody like Waste Management. We're not a Wall Street company. The nice thing about that is, if we want to do something, we do it. We don't have to run it up the corporate flagpole.

We've had inquires about adult education and prep courses.

The airlines are pulling a fast one here. There's no teeth in this.

Relational databases just could not meet the [data volume] requirements, so we turned to in-memory databases.