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The emphasis was to get across to Gavin things they didn't like.

Alan Phillips

You either go into the fire or across the bridge.

Don Reynolds

This got our point across at almost no cost.

Burt Odelson

There's a sense of entitlement across all generations.

Daryl Evans

This was an across the board chiding of the SEC.

Robin Conrad

Without the aid of prejudice and custom I should not be able to find my way across the room.

William Hazlitt

Consistency across (S.C.) 46 would be invaluable.

Mayor Hank Johnston

We just want to get our message across.

Gloria Hernandez

Across the country, we have awful breakfast participation.

Peggy West

Write Your Name Across My Heart.

Lou Rawls

You can have 50 sows or 800,000 sows, and it works for everybody. It works across the board.

Jack Tichy

This new bridge will be able to handle any kind of traffic that would go across it.

John Cobb

From a product perspective, we saw success across the board.

Lew Frankfort

They are coming across like ants.

Joe Joaquin

Once you walk across that line, it's live.

Donnie Edwards

We just couldn't push a run across when we needed to.

Keith Guttin

Has broad support across the state.

Stephanie Cutter

From votes counted across the country, the 'Yes' has 78.47 percent and the 'No' has 21.03 percent.

Apollinaire Malu Malu

We have a problem where rolls are falling across the city.

Rodney Berman

Most of the cold systems are staying across the northern U.S..

Cody Lindsey

We're going to have builds across the board. We have more oil than we know what to do with.

Mark Waggoner

This is not an area someone would have just stumbled across.

James Maddock

We continue to see strong appreciation across the country.

Jim Gillespie

There are Reformed churches across the world.

Ted Christman

The sand was whipping across the beach.

Karla Holwerda

It's like that across the board. It's very sad, but that's the society we live in.

Mark Hatfield

The aid will be for our brothers and sisters across the border.

Yasin Malik

I think there's frustration across the political spectrum.

Michele Waslin

Every day there's another country. It's going to go all the way across, there's no doubt about it.

Anthony S. Fauci

Shares are not doing too well across the board this morning.

Herbert Lau

We haven't run across a team yet that has the foot speed that we have.

Duane Davis

The man is beat across the face. He has bruises, scratches.

Linda Champion

Scenes of strawberries, across crisp farmland.

Michael Easton

It's not across the board but it will apply to almost all of GM's mid-sized cars.

Anne Marie

We're continuing to see consistent demand across all segments now.

Ted Waitt

If we do win, it will send a message for change across the country.

Francine Busby

He just said, 'Just don't say too much. Just get your point across and that's enough.

Odell Thurman

We saw some people across the street and then we just saw a few people out here. I'm surprised.

Jennifer Murphy

We're waiting for him to come across the bridge.

Daniel Merideth

We want to get the point across.

Harold Willard

Families across America know better.

Ted Kennedy

By far, it's one of the best lines I've seen across the board.

Rod Williams

There's shared DNA across both companies.

Scott Horn

It's right across from Solomon's Island.

Linda White

Let's train-track 'em across.

Michael Pitts

On some occasions, we run across an operator who doesn't care.

Susan Grayson

The looks of the disorder are different across age and gender.

Donna Palumbo

All across America.

Rod Paige

We will be more reliant on community resources than on resources from across the country.

Donna Perry

There will be 20 or 30 programs like this in synagogues across the country.

Charles Simon

I don't want to come across like this whole thing is a downer.

Wally Amos

There is no easy draw. Across the board there is no easy draw.

Jeff Jennings

We're looking at restaurants across the board. We're not looking at one ethnicity.

Gerald Hall

As long as it's across-the-board . . . so that everybody feels it equally.

Dan Burton

We had to crawl across ice in the bottom of the notch.

Joe Bentley

What really keeps me inspired is to get messages across.

Alvin Franco

We have a boundary. We just can't let people go across it.

Steve Jordan

I don't even like walking across that street. This shouldn't have happened.

Laura Fischer

Across a lot of their lines, they're executing better. They've been able to cut a lot of fat.

Daniel Renouard

If you want to get across an idea, wrap it up in person.

Ralph Bunche

The ring almost flew across the room when he got it out.

Ryane Pearson

I think he's one of the finest administrators I've come across.

Charles Tighe

It's a big scope. There's a lot that comes across this desk.

Gaylen Freeman

If we're going to censor, then we'd have to censor across the board.

Steve Mcbride

That had its steeple taken off and blown across the highway.

John Robinson

We've come across cocaine and crack here in Summerland.

Derek Williams

It's very important to get across the message that the movement is a neutral movement.

Yonatan Yagadovsky

W hen you see kids diving across the floor, kids hustling.

John Currie

You have cuts across the board.

Sally Forman

He had real friendships across the aisle.

Tom Foley

This guy was involved in a crime spree all across this country.

Tony Clayton

There are a lot of upside surprises. It's just across the board.

Joe Cooper

It's literally across the campus.

Andrew Wesselman

Roads, you can count on, there is going to be some roads where water is going to go across them.

Fred Cole

Most of the economies across the globe are doing well.

Gus Faucher

This is the big day across the country.

David Lambert

This ruling has implications for organisations across the world.

Mark Herbert

It's an opportunity to get across a message: stop the violence.

Victoria Snelgrove

It's up across the board, and that's what pleases me more than anything.

Gwen Mackenzie

This hat was made at the hat factory in Salisbury, which was across the street.

Mary Phillips

Difficult to deal with across the board.

John Young

It's neat learning girls across the country are the same as you are.

Tami George

That's a theme right across the Irish market.

Kevin Mcconnell

We're starting to get the message across.

Chester Jourdan

It?s really exciting. It was just a win-win-win across the board.

Jill Womack

If you can push across one run and play solid defense, you can't ask for much more than that.

Jennifer Staffey

Across the board we're pretty competitive.

Bill Mcmahon

The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder.

Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

I am very conscious that we need to do more to get the basic facts across.

Bill Rammell

We're excited about the number of donations that have come from across the state.

Jesse Connolly

This is maybe the worst one I've come across.

Dr. Harvey Marcovitch

There are concerns all across the state that the public is getting what they pay for.

Paul Larrabee

We see this as a much larger initiative that will spread across the country.

Jason Enos

People should try to diversify across tax-deferred and taxable accounts.

Christopher Jones

Across the wires the electric message came: / `He is no better, he is much the same.'

Alfred Austin

Lame duck tattooed across his forehead.

Charles Cook

I want to get that across; we try to make it personal.

Denise Griffin

Oh it was blazing. Really blazing. I mean we could see it from across the street.

Eric Reed

Across the board, this program has been an abject failure.

Eric Massa

The only lesson I really wanted to get across.

Eoin Colfer

What we found is that inequality is growing across the country.

Elizabeth Mcnichol

Companies seem to be doing well across the board.

Edwin Slaghekke

You are part of an event that is happening all across the nation.

Edgar Ramirez

We have got to look at that issue as citizens across the state.

Ed Teixeira

He's got (the point) across.

Zach Thomas