"Rod Williams" is an Offensive lineman/offensive/defensive lineman who played for the Tampa Bay Storm of the Arena Football League (1987–2008)/Arena Football League from 1999 to 2007. He was named Second Team All-Arena in 2001 All-Arena Team/2001.

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We were able to put together a packet of programs and get her into a house.

We work on financial literacy, money management. We strive to get them the best interest rate.

They've got some big, heavy guys who are going to be coming to try to bang us down and weigh on us. But we've just got to be men to stand up in there.

They're not living up to my expectations. I'm looking for George and Ryan to get to states. They have the capabilities of doing that. We'll be all right.

By far, it's one of the best lines I've seen across the board.

We will be looking at the quality of writing rather than subject matter.

We are hoping that the Valley will respond with a greater period of time given for entries.

Shane's tough. He's going to fight until he can't fight anymore. That's the one thing I think is going to keep us in the hunt.

This contest, I think, is really important because writing is the most difficult thing for people to do. The purpose of this contest is to have fun with writing to put the imagination on paper.