Where else can you strip down a car, plow it into other cars driven by people you don't even know, and not get a ticket? ... It's just fun.

I think everybody who wants to go has been evacuated.

There can be stresses. 'I don't want to see the look of disappointment in my children's faces. Is it my fault?' The sense that I'm failing my wife, my children.

I didn't want people being trapped in Jefferson Parish without these services.

We're really on the horns of a dilemma, ... And it seems to me that the levee needs to be preserved until ... everybody sits down together and comes up with a global solution to this problem.

We are working throughout the borough with the community, with elected officials, and civic organizations to foster economic growth as well as support the creation of attractive and affordable housing to neighborhoods and provide the city's largest borough with an even better future.

Most people I've told about this think it's great. They really want to latch on to a good cause, ... But some of them say, 'Why do you have to hike the Grand Canyon ?'

You get the family together that hasn't been together and there's drinking. Tempers can flair and old issues can come to the surface - old grievances, old axes-to-grind.

Difficult to deal with across the board.