There are a lot of things that have changed with the way people use libraries, ... We really need to take a look at how we can best serve our customers and the best way to use staff to do that.

[After the viewing of the film, the crowd once again headed to The Fly for an after party. The atmosphere after the viewing was mellow and the crowd seemed to be reflecting on the film.] I enjoyed seeing the cars … and the love story was great, too, ... The movie was awesome!

It's not across the board but it will apply to almost all of GM's mid-sized cars.

Community-based enrollment is the true success story of New York's program, and it has changed people's perceptions of Medicaid to be health insurance, not welfare, ... Without it, enrollment will shut down. The social service offices will not be able to absorb the crush of people they'll get, and a lot of people will just give up if they have to go to those offices again.

I ran away when I was 18 and now I still can't stop hurting myself because of the pain he caused me, ... I go to therapy twice a week and I'll go the rest of my life until I can deal with this.

We cannot comment on speculation. I have not heard that.

It has definitely gone more upscale in recent years, and some of the smaller family owned places have closed up.

There were strong doubts about whether this was an appropriate thing for regional companies to be doing, ... Were they selling their souls for the price of enhancement money?

We have not heard about any problem at our end, ... We have heard of problems with the localized feed from individual access providers or from people getting it on America Online.