Stephanie Cutter
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"Stephanie Cutter" is an American political consultant. She served as Deputy Campaign Manager for President Barack Obama's 2012 reelection campaign, and has previously worked in campaign and communications roles for other Democratic Party (United States)/Democrats including Ted Kennedy, John Kerry and Michelle Obama. The New York Times described her as "a popular but polarizing face of (Obama's) campaign", and a "soldier who says the things the candidate can’t (or won’t) say."

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We hope that those who want to see change in America, and to return to a track of prosperity and progress, better health care and new and better jobs, will unite behind the Democratic nominee for president -- whoever that may be.

Has broad support across the state.

We need to get Americans working again. We're not going to do that with tax cuts for the wealthy. We need to invest in middle America.

If we aren't viable, we will reach out to all campaigns, ... Because this is not about cutting secret deals, this is about beating George Bush.

Ridiculous, ... there is nothing like Iowa and New Hampshire to make somebody look better.

When I saw [those reports], I called the two people who would have done that and they said they're absolutely not true.

If, A, we could have paid for it, and, B, we had a responsible policy in Iraq.

Use wedge issues and the politics of fear to divide the nation.

The White House is not entitled to cherry-pick facts out of these private conversations when they need to put out a fire.