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We wouldn't have gotten into vegetables if we didn't have the produce stand.

David Richard Jones

Vegetables and fruits are the most neglected foods in the diet. We need to get people back to eating real food, not foods in a package.

Luise Light

If you say, 'Eat your vegetables and then you can have some candy,' that makes the vegetables sound bad and the candy extra good.

Mark Swanson

Birds are extremely high-maintenance animals. Their cages must be cleaned daily, and they need fresh fruits and vegetables. They're also physically and emotionally fragile. They are flock animals and need socialization.

Jinx Scogin

Buying fruit or vegetables that are in season is cheaper, as is buying loose produce. Frozen peas contain more vitamin C than some fresh vegetables. Tinned fruit in natural juice and vegetables, concentrated fruit juice and dried fruit contribute to your five daily portions, too. And they last longer.

Claire Williamson

The most important thing I want to get out is they should eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables in spite of all these findings.

Karin Michels

There are many people who like to do the raw diets for their pets - the raw meat with bones, and lots of vegetables. It's more natural, like in the wild, although it's not for every pet.

Lynhaar Rodriguez

This may start out fairly slow because its early in the season and there won't be vegetables and things yet.

Sheryl Lehr

We're in a closed environment and you may not want to live so close to live animals. But instead of dehydrated mashed potatoes and candied yams, you could make it from real vegetables.

Michele Perchonok

[From this experience] the students have become more interested in life science, and now have an intimate involvement with vegetables. Some kids are out selling the vegetables? they could end up building a career through sustainable foods. From working together, these kids learn respect and tolerance for other cultures.

Bob Patterson

The latest food guide no longer has four food groups. Whole grains take first place. Raw fruits and vegetables are second. And there is only a small amount of daily dairy and even fewer meats.

Denise Dowell

Let your kids select the vegetables they want as pizza toppings.

Jennifer Ebelhar

I never eat between meals and I don't eat junk food. I mostly stick to fish, vegetables and chicken. But I do love chocolate, coffee, red wine and cigarettes...

Jerry Hall

Any of our prepared meals would work -- we have all kinds, chicken and vegetables, and you can cut them up into pieces, add a toothpick, and serve them as appetizers.

Linda Becker

I bought a steamer. I ate a lot of vegetables. It was hard, but once I got into it everything was OK.

Brad Nelson

We have a farm there. The farm is not maintained properly, because we don't have (enough) people. So we can hand it over to them as an open prison and they can work there and we can get vegetables.

Brigadier Prasad Samarasinghe

These data provide strong evidence for a substantial protective effect of cruciferous vegetables on lung cancer.

Paul Brennan

Cutting down on portions, and focusing on lower-fat foods and whole grains and fruits and vegetables.

Stephen Daniels

If you change your eating habits to include more whole food (beans, rice, vegetables and fruit), then you'll eat less.

Roy Walford

Eating 41/2 cups of fruits and vegetables daily is not as difficult as most people think. For starters, stock up on a variety of canned fruits, vegetables and tomato products -- having these ingredients on hand takes the stress out of creating a wholesome and delicious meal, which means less time in the kitchen and more time with your family.

Laura Molseed