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We believe that the warrant itself was unconstitutional.

James Murphy

What is going on today is the seizure of power by unconstitutional means.

Aleksandr Milinkevich

This decision is an important step in safeguarding civil rights of federal employees and holding agencies accountable for failing to prevent and to timely curtail unconstitutional actions in the workplace.

Julia Davis

I believe if something is unconstitutional 25 years from now it's unconstitutional now. I was treated differently based on my skin color. And that was wrong.

Jennifer Gratz

It is very regretful. Since the Osaka High Court has ruled that the visits are unconstitutional, I hope (Koizumi) can cautiously deal with the issue in view of the principle of the separation of state and religion.

Seiji Maehara

Under First Amendment jurisprudence, content-based laws are presumptively unconstitutional and can be justified only if the governmental regulation advances a compelling interest in the least restrictive means available.

David Hudson

This is unconstitutional and done with an ill political motive...we don't accept it. We reject such appointment.

Abdul Jalil

Transforming a confidential doctor visit into a sting operation for law enforcement is not only an unconstitutional violation of rights, it is also a misguided and ineffective health policy that only serves to deter women from seeking critically needed prenatal care.

Priscilla Smith

Picking a class of taxpayer and saying, `You get to pay for this,' that's unconstitutional.

John Long

If the court rules that it is unconstitutional for the state to discriminate, each state will have to develop a solution, and the solution could be even worse than the problem. States could level up and allow all forms of direct shipping or level down and not allow any form of direct shipping.

Wendell Lee

They still have too many people for too little space and it's just unconstitutional.

John Eldridge

If the court says this particular spending limit in Vermont is unconstitutional but there may be cases in which spending limits are warranted, that would certainly be a victory for the parties defending this law.

Spencer Overton

This is really an abuse of power. PETA and other groups are really being targeted because we are being social activists and engaging in free speech. This is un-American and unconstitutional and contrary to the interests of any definition of a healthy democracy.

Jeffrey Kerr

What we've begun to do is discuss the issue, the constitutional issues around that idea, again the privacy issue, which may not be unconstitutional but may pertain to our unique sense of privacy in the United States.

Chris Asplen

We can file this aggressive motion because we have proof that the spying program is illegal. The bottom line is the defendants have incriminated themselves -- President Bush admitted that he authorized and oversaw an illegal and unconstitutional program.

Shayana Kadidal

There has to be a movement now to really oppose what he is proposing because it's unconstitutional, it's immoral and basically illegal.

Jessica Lange

The actions are blatantly illegal in that they are aimed at an unconstitutional removal of the country's head of state.

Joshua Nkomo

Now we've found out the city arrested her under an unconstitutional ordinance.

Larry Walters

As recently as 2003 . . . the Supreme Court of the United States said it is not unconstitutional to apply community standards.

Daniel Weiss

Proposition 71 is unconstitutional on its face.

David Llewellyn