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There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up.

Booker T. Washington

Last night at the pasta party, we stressed no sixth places. We said no sixth places and that will bring the title and it worked out. All of the guys in the outside lanes were just pushing for it and we got it.

Kevin Gallagher

You can take away the pretzels, the pillows and the magazines, and the people are still pushing each other aside to get on those airlines.

Terry Trippler

If he gets off, it will be a huge moral victory ... not just for him, but for all the other groups pushing a hard-line agenda. The ripple effect will be tremendous.

Ken Conboy

Whenever we are pushing the ball, one of our first options is to take the shot inside if we can. Then we will look outside and keep looking to attack back inside.

Cleve Ryan

It's a very tough loss. It's kind of a sick feeling, but we still have to keep pushing on.

Anthony Morrow

But we still have one place ahead of us, so we must keep pushing with that as the target.

Jarno Trulli

(Harper?s run) would have been a great thing if it was fully legal. It wasn?t, but the kids kept their heads up and they kept fighting. It?s just a matter of being consistent and pushing and believing in themselves.

Charles Cole

What is pushing people online is the low costs. The Internet will save both governments and end users money. There's a lot to be gained.

Gregory Gieber

If the yaw damper fails, this has the potential of pushing the rudder further than the pilots intended it to go, which could cause control problems.

Jim Mckenna

He started pushing the ball a little deeper. He needed to get some depth on his shots. He showed great senior leadership.

Asher Cohen

I try to encourage them to keep fighting. I like helping the girls and pushing them through the match.

Alyssa Lafita

The political factor is what's most influencing the market. It's just a few participants who are pushing the market around.

Celso Senise

All we're doing is pushing the due date up. (Taxpayers) are not paying for four months extra. It's more of an accounting question than a monetary figure.

Rick Boyer

Thankfully, he kept pushing us. The wind chimes were not exactly high on our list. But Toshiro was very persistent.

Geoff Brown

Originally, we had a lesson on recycling at homemakers. The state was pushing it at the time and I thought it was a great idea, and I am a green person.

Delores Swehla

It's different than any other team I've been on. The attention to detail is a big part of everything that goes on here, and it's great. The coaches are pushing guys to play as hard as they can every night and do the little things right. It's good.

Jamie Lundmark

Our trade negotiators are pushing a plan that would undermine the forest protections that U.S. citizens fought so hard to obtain.

Patti Goldman

One out of every three Illinois hospitals is losing money. You'd be pushing them closer to the edge.

Danny Chun

This is about more than evolution. It's about not teaching sex education, not teaching bilingual education and pushing for vouchers. Its about not paying taxes.

Frank Smith