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Just those words, 'Monday Night Football,' and America knows what you're talking about.

Fred Gaudelli

We practiced on Monday, but we didn't practice very long because I think it's important that we have fresh legs because this game, going over there, is going to be so emotional.

Lipscomb Coach Scott Sanderson

He's been away on holidays in Europe and was due back at work on Monday. It's quite unbelievable the fact that he won't be there.

Greg Pierce

Worst-case scenario would be a strike starting Monday.

Dan Scott

There two major things that I wanted to do and I've done them. In any case, I'm running for another job next Monday.

Royal Galipeau

We want that Friday effect spread Monday through Thursday.

Kathleen Kelley

I am nine months pregnant. I'm due to deliver this baby Monday at 7 a.m. That's why I'm not going.

Sarah Oldmixon

As a department, we're as disturbed and concerned as everyone else. That's certainly not what we contracted for. Since this broke [last Monday, Jan. 30], we haven't released any remains to them. We have a new contractor, as of Feb. 5.

Mary Mulrenan

My God, ... What are the headlines going to be like on Monday if the Yankees don't make the playoffs?

Wade Boggs

We wanted to make sure he was fine. Good thing, since he practiced Monday and he was a little more tender than he wanted to admit.

Gary Bowker

He was out for 10 days, and just came back Monday. He's in great shape.

Rob Parish

The governor has asked that all of the public schools in the state of Georgia close on Monday and Tuesday to help conserve fuel.

John Thornton

Funding for the major recommendations will go to Congress in the Defense budget on Monday and Congress will have its say on them.

Steve Kosiak

It's an automatic extension to file, but if you owe money, it's due in the mail Monday.

Mike Dalton

As soon as the temperature comes up tomorrow (Monday), as soon as the wind comes up - bam, we're off to the races again.

Dan Ware

I checked some at the Narrows on Monday, and they're getting them right off the beach down there. I also know of two guys who got two limits Monday right out in front of the (Point Defiance) boathouse.

Tom Mathews

It's two big games. We have a big week of practice. We have to start it off Monday and play as hard as we can go. We'll see what happens.

Jon Rusch

Every Monday the first thing we do is run our roads.

Phil Trenary

Audience participation was awesome. Sometimes it's hit and miss on a Monday night (event), but it was awesome.

Mike George

They did a lot of work last week. Their spring break consisted of Sunday and Monday.

Dave Manzo