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Just those words, 'Monday Night Football,' and America knows what you're talking about.

Fred Gaudelli

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There's really not much to say. We're just closing out the sale. There are 94 outs Monday so we should be done early.

Geoffrey Russell

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Worst-case scenario would be a strike starting Monday.

Dan Scott

It's not something that's front and center on their plate. But I did remind them about it at practice Monday.

David Crabbe

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We want that Friday effect spread Monday through Thursday.

Kathleen Kelley

There's a good chance we'll see them again. We just need to take care of ourselves and hope for a challenge game on Monday.

Don Olsen

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As a department, we're as disturbed and concerned as everyone else. That's certainly not what we contracted for. Since this broke [last Monday, Jan. 30], we haven't released any remains to them. We have a new contractor, as of Feb. 5.

Mary Mulrenan

I hope the kids will get a greater recognition of why they're getting a day off (on Monday) and what he did ... what he did for equality in this country. Everybody benefits from his work is how I feel. The younger we get this instilled in children, maybe it will carry over to their adult lives.

Phillip Huebner

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We wanted to make sure he was fine. Good thing, since he practiced Monday and he was a little more tender than he wanted to admit.

Gary Bowker

The final front coming through Monday should be the last of the rain for a few days anyway.

Gary Chatelain

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The governor has asked that all of the public schools in the state of Georgia close on Monday and Tuesday to help conserve fuel.

John Thornton

Our constant focus on creating value for our customers continues on Monday when we launch a new round of price cuts.

Terry Leahy

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It's an automatic extension to file, but if you owe money, it's due in the mail Monday.

Mike Dalton

We had a boating accident ... that happened approximately 2:30 p.m. (Monday), close to Clearwater Cove. At this time it's not clear what caused the boat to capsize.

Robert Mccullough

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As soon as the temperature comes up tomorrow (Monday), as soon as the wind comes up - bam, we're off to the races again.

Dan Ware

We played a real lackluster game. It wasn't very good. (We) challenged the kids at practice yesterday (Monday) because we were rained out.

Sean Bieterman

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It's two big games. We have a big week of practice. We have to start it off Monday and play as hard as we can go. We'll see what happens.

Jon Rusch

I'm very proud of this gold medal. My son was born on Monday, and it is obvious that I will name him 'Helsinki.

Benjamin Limo

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They did a lot of work last week. Their spring break consisted of Sunday and Monday.

Dave Manzo

I think the layout will make it easier for people who don't like crowds. The festival will have the excitement of the people but will not feel as crowded. If you like art and a mellow feeling, come between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday, Sunday and Monday. It's always a little bit less congested.

Jonathan Witz

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