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We can always create more inventory. You don't just turn people away. The challenge is finding new ways to accommodate people.

Mark Richardson

To work out some of the inventory, I think there may be some more aggressive pricing tactics to get rid of it.

Patrick Ho

We didn't have a half-million dollars (for inventory), but we have a lot of friends.

Kenny Conley

Using private collection agencies to help reduce the IRS collection inventory also will free IRS employees to pursue more complex cases.

Terry Lemons

Retailers are doing a much better job in terms of inventory control.

Joe Cooper

The growth reflects how easy it has become to sell used books and to create inventory in this business.

Jeff Abraham

Our retailers will not increase their inventory or advertising until this is signed. We need to get this on the governor's desk as soon as possible.

Bill Herrle

We get more complaints. it's clearly harder dealing with a lack of inventory.

Mark Lamping

I don't think they put a lot of emphasis on it. I didn't even know there was recycling in the dorms until we had to do inventory and I noticed the bin. Then we had to ask about it and we didn't know there was a recycling area until then.

Darrell Johnson

By February, inventory was half of what it should have been, and that choked off sales in February and March.

Patrick Byrne

There's more inventory in general. There is still more supply than there is demand for online advertising.

Denise Garcia

We can keep an inventory of what we got, what we need.

Robert Morton

If they're low on inventory, they should build some. If they have trouble meeting demand, then everyone will. They shouldn't be running this low.

Jane Snorek

The inventory of houses for sale is building. A lot of people think they can defer the costs of a ski house by renting it out.

David Hehman

The inventory goes down the elevator every night.

Fairfax Cone

There has been stronger-than-expected demand for our products across the board. There is far better inventory management, better capital investment management.

George Scalise

If end demand for PCs is not there, inventory would be a concern.

Tai Nguyen

The inventory build was two-to-three times greater than expected, and oil prices are backing off.

James Wicklund

For a very long time, just a cursory inventory was available.

Tammy Peters

I wonder why that's so low, given the imports of crude that are just booming. Maybe it's going into some new government inventory stash.

David Hurd