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If you are not allowed to laugh in heaven, I don't want to go there.

Martin Luther King Jr.

Mediocrity is not allowed to poets, either by the gods or man.

Horace Mann

He's looking at a year from now before he's allowed to be on the field.

Stan Johnston

Congress has allowed the need of big corporations before the need of our children.

Bob Filner

I allowed them to go ahead and put roof structures in place.

Robert Mullins

Unfortunately we allowed that game to be close and for it come down to that.

Chris Draft

I'm not even allowed to take a notebook and a pen with me into the court.

Lara Logan

They are allowed to use some techniques to confine the youths.

Cynthia Lorenzo

We have been in China for 150 years. Now we're being allowed to do more and more.

Bryan Sanderson

We really passed the ball well and it allowed our offense to click.

Vicky Groat

I have never actually had a real boyfriend, because I am not allowed to date yet.

Alexa Vega

He will not be allowed back on the site.

Todd Schneider

He did not know if he was allowed to celebrate.

Klaus Allofs

We've allowed those things to creep back. They are not necessary and should not be allowed.

Rich Mckay

The UK has allowed these aircraft to land, refuel and take off from their territory.

Claudio Cordone

He put pictures that shouldn't have been on there, but people should be allowed to put any pictures on there.

Josh Jones

The things I do to people I love shouldn't be allowed.

Counting Crows

It's an insult to us that he would be allowed to drive again.

Brendan Harris

Getting bored is not allowed.

Kay Thompson

No one should be allowed to use this tragedy for political speculation.

Pietro Lunardi

It was their moment. It was private. It allowed them to grieve. . . . It was so valuable.

Greg Hudnall

And the other great thing that we're allowed to do — and you're not — is use metaphor.

Peter Sellars

Men are allowed to get older and women are not.

Shirley Knight

The ethical person should do more than he is required to do and less than he is allowed to do.

Michael Josephson

They are allowed to participate in athletics.

Francis Borrego

Any admission of fault would be allowed in court.

Bob Seehusen

We're allowed to have had a private life before politics in which we make mistakes and do things we should not.

David Dimbleby

But they won't even be allowed out of the van. We've got to mitigate the hazards first.

Jim Paxon

We are allowed to use the HOV [High Occupancy Vehicle] lanes.

Heath Kramer

Market inspection is allowed by all countries. It doesn't violate the WTO.

Qi Xiangdong

We also have 2 horses, but they're not allowed in the house.

Martin Milner

It opened us up and allowed us to get more help and more aid in here. It was just a great help.

Robert Gavagnie

Leon MacDonald was allowed to come back on Friday.

Chris Boyd

Any kind of a military act against Israel ... is condemned and not allowed.

Ahmed Qorei

No one should be allowed to play the violin until he has mastered it.

Jim Fiebig

Mothers just got it. Men just didn't. They thought they wouldn't be allowed to eat cookies.

Stephen Joseph

The transfer of semen will not be allowed.

Ofer Lefler

Aides in our campaign are not allowed to talk to the press - it's a policy.

Ivette Mendez

You wouldn't let a salesman in, but the message was allowed in through the radio.

Marc Olivier

We're not allowed to leave anything there.

Paul Whitworth

It allowed us to buy all these refineries at deep discounts and make all this money.

Bill Greehey

Your strike will not win. You cannot be allowed to succeed.

Jim Callaghan

It allowed us not to raise our pricing on our menu items.

Bill Jensen

We had to negotiate to be allowed to go closer (to the court entrance).

Carrie Shelver

We got a little spaced out (in the second half), and that allowed him to get a few more touches.

Gray Harrison

People look to these things as what's allowed.

Steve Lucas

She didn't think bad of anybody. I think that's what allowed this to happen.

Rebkah Howard

He should be allowed to play.

Terry Vaughn

A lot of the momentum we started, he has allowed to flounder.

Don Siegelman

We got a lot of stops on defense. We were a step on ahead on 'D,' and that allowed us to run.

Alan Wiggins

I'm not allowed to ring him until 9pm to tell him.

Paul Clarke

The database allowed our office to operate more efficiently.

Jay Cairns

Nobody told us (early on) this wasn't allowed.

Paul Richard

I was not allowed to see what the teachers had to say about me.

Carley Mcgrew

There are two overwhelming reasons why Turkey should be allowed to join the EU.

Michael Gunter

If it's made by Ford or powered by Ford it's allowed.

Rick Schmidt

They allowed it to be physical, and that's just the way it is.

Brian Meehan

One who is allowed to sin, sins less.

Publius Cornelius Tacitus

We have to protect all journalists, and journalists have to be allowed to do their jobs.

Amy Goodman

We think the jury was not allowed to see and hear all the evidence.

Chuck Harrell

You have essentially seven decades when lotteries were essentially not allowed.

John Dinan

People should be allowed to work. People should be allowed to eat.

Michelle Smith

In my opinion, any man who can afford to buy a newspaper should not be allowed to own one.

Roy Hattersley

He has been the person that allowed that to happen.

Andrew Bartlett

The most important thing is that she isn't allowed to do this again.

Nancy Howell

If your income is too high, this will be the only type of IRA contribution you are allowed.

Bernie Kent

It is a terrifying crime that can never be allowed to happen again.

Ryutaro Hashimoto

If they've gone to all that expense, they should indeed be allowed to continue.

Ray Rose

Girls have the right to wrestle and they should be allowed to wrestle with boys.

Nick Petrov

The original operator was mad, but we allowed the second to come on.

Ron Dent

George is the doctor. He allowed me to experiment in his lab.

Bootsy Collins

What little public input is allowed now would be completely shut off.

Jenny Neeley

During the Clinton Administration, we were always allowed to that event. The Bush Administration never has allowed it.

Susan Walsh

Only mediocrity of enjoyment is allowed to man.

Hugh Blair

We started to get some defense stops and that allowed us to run.

Michael Holton

I must be allowed to be as I am.

Agnetha Faltskog

We don't even know the mistakes it made in 1918 that allowed it to go human to human.

Robert Webster

I'm allowed to dream a little bit.

Jackie Adamshick

I'm very thankful God allowed me to stay home with Vincent.

Lori Cope

That's allowed these kids to be successful when this situation arises.

Todd Wetjen

We would hold hands. That was allowed. But (the chaperon) was always behind us.

Charles Leblanc

All we know is no little kids allowed.

Jasmine Moore

The law says what it says. The commission can?t rewrite the law on its own. That?s not what state agencies are allowed to do.

Jesse Barton

(Miller) did exactly what the policy allowed him to do.

Bill Proffitt

We do not think he should be allowed to review our application.

Chris Priester

He's being allowed to be bigger than the whole movement.

Paula Mccartney

I have to be allowed room to do all different things.

My Best Friend's Wedding

As long as the bird flu has yet to be stopped, no transport is allowed.

Phan Van Khai

That allowed them to separate.

Brian Meneely

They weren't allowed to be here and if they did come in, they had to come in on a bus, they weren't allowed to get off the bus. they haven't had the opportunities to come back.

Brandon Darby

This is a one-sided debate, with no opposition voice allowed. It's an absolute.

Nigel Farage

Their defense never allowed us to get in a rhythm. We were playing a little fast, a little nervous.

Tal Wold

I'm allowed to make that decision, and it has nothing to do with the race of these defendants.

Steve Tallen

We really got after them on defense. That allowed us to get off to such a quick start.

Tim Craft

It allowed us to create a very strong wellness program.

Kerry Tharp

This practice cannot be allowed to continue.

Ray Holloway

The children were allowed to sleep with her.

Helen Joseph

At times they don't like you to kick them and they feel you're not allowed to kick them.

Alan Shearer

He'll kick him off the team before T.O.'s allowed to herd the team.

Will Younghouse

The party is allowed to respond to the blood of a martyr.

Akif Zagros

Even sarcastic play is not allowed - the referee cannot accept that.

Five Live

According to the Geneva Conventions we're not allowed to do that.

Chris Bowers

All policies allowed in war and love.

Susannah Centlivre

That's for another day. The question of whether I can get there is different than the question of whether I will be allowed to get there.

Michael Allweiss

The new system allowed for more accuracy and more consistency. It also gave us speed.

Virgil Kelly

`Oh my God, Dad, my friends are coming over, you're not allowed to speak to them,' .

Neil Gaiman