Our procedure is if a student misses school, they're just counted absent. There have been no comments or big rush or threats of students saying they're going to leave.

It was their moment. It was private. It allowed them to grieve. . . . It was so valuable.

It's too late when you're reactive. You're already losing kids.

We want to monitor concerns (to see) whether the problem is getting larger. We want to track exactly what's going on.

First thing we wanted to do is get all the residents on the west side registered. There are so many new residents out there.

They did it all last week and part of this week to strengthen the attendance policy. They had so many students coming in late.

Some years you get a group of students coming through and every parent wants to be involved, and it's wonderful. Every once in a while you'll get a year when no matter what you do you can't get anybody to run or you get a few but not enough to staff the community council.

It was two separate kids with two different gang affiliations.