We could be heading for a global catastrophe.

Humans don't have resistance to H5N1, and currently vaccines to H5N1 are still being developed. And, the available evidence shows that the most recent strains isolated from humans in Asia are no longer sensitive to inhibition by the amantadine family of drugs.

It was so very fast. You felt sick in the morning, went to bed at lunchtime and were dead by the evening, with blood coming out of your ears and everywhere.

The clock keeps ticking. Every time this virus replicates, it makes mistakes, ... Sooner or later it will make the mistakes that will allow it to go human to human.

Any selective pressure on this virus ensures plenty of opportunity for H5N1 to acquire amantadine resistance, which would bring additional difficulties in controlling the pandemic.

This virus keeps extending its range, ... It is out there spreading like crazy among the wild birds of Asia.

We don't even know the mistakes it made in 1918 that allowed it to go human to human.

You just don't know when it is going to happen, ... But I think some of the policy makers and politicians are starting to listen.