I might have been a little bit surprised by the timing. Almost any coach wherever I've been has always been worn out (at the end of a season) and said they didn't want to do it next year. Bruce has had those conversations with me, but he thinks things through. If he wasn't ready to do it, he wouldn't have said anything to me.

Convention attendees only spend one-third of their time at the show, ... The goal is to create a convention center district that includes retail, restaurants, attractions -- things that are within walking distance and will bring local residents, as well.

I am delighted that Randy has chosen to join the Spirit team. He brings extensive experience with financial systems, controls and reporting. This appointment will further strengthen the financial capabilities of our Company.

This is my one-time-a-year gift to all the Ford hobbyists who support me.

If it's made by Ford or powered by Ford it's allowed.

He didn't want people to know where he was staying.

More than preaching those things, he did those things.

It's hard to see with all the water coming down on you. You just go by the sound. If you hear it clang you know you're hitting (the keg). I am constantly moving the nozzle. It's easier than really fighting a fire, you don't have air tanks on, but you can't always see the guy in front of you.