"Chris Bowers" is a blogger for DailyKos and a manager of their email list. He was a blogger and co-founder of OpenLeft, and was until July 2007 a front-page blogger for MyDD. His focus is on polling and data-driven analysis of US politics, as well as of the blogosphere.

Bowers was a member of the Pennsylvania State Democratic Committee, representing the 8th district of the Pennsylvania State Senate, and a former resident of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania/Philadelphia. Now he resides in Washington D.C. He is a former union organizer, and a strong supporter of Trade union/organized labor.

Bowers has overseen netroots surveys that he says demonstrate that progressive Internet activists are driven more by partisanship and pragmatism than far-left ideology, and that show bloggers are influential on rank and file Democrats.

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Are going to be Japan and the United Kingdom, America's No. 1 and No. 2 largest overseas markets, respectively. An in-country presence will also be established in Brazil, which is our largest South American market. And in subsequent years the program will expand to Germany and perhaps to several other countries as well.

He has never misled me in business dealings or in our friendship.

It's my understanding that there aren't that many buildings like that warehouse in existence anymore. So we believe it did have historic significance.

I tell everybody to get it.

These results are worrying. Either the Department of Homeland Security is not doing enough to inform Americans on how to prepare in the event of a terrorist attack, or they are offering advice most Americans do not feel is useful.

We're rotating every other series, and Corvelli had a good day. I feel like there will be good depth at the position. You will always have a fresh guy out there.

They're my kids. If you had your kid wouldn't you have insurance on them?

According to the Geneva Conventions we're not allowed to do that.

Read the exclusions just like on any insurance policy, but I still think it's worth it.