[Rita] could have a significant impact on supply and prices -- this really is a national disaster.

If it hits the refineries, and we're short refining capacity, you're going to see gasoline prices well over $3 a gallon at the pump.

It's a great opportunity for San Antonio, and we shouldn't pass it up.

We believe that the impact of these hurricanes on pump prices will soon be behind us. As more refineries come back online, pump prices should continue to fall and that is good for both refined product demand and the economy.

We're excited to substantially grow our retail presence because retail margins are counter-cyclical to refining margins, so in the event we experience lower refining margins, retail margins will help stabilize our earnings.

There is going to be consideration given to delaying a lot of things, ... If we're short fuel, they could delay.

If we want to add capacity in a hurry, they need to figure out how to speed up the permitting (for expansions), ... The economics for a new refinery don't work.

It allowed us to buy all these refineries at deep discounts and make all this money.

The government's emphasis is really misplaced, ... Each and every year we become more dependent upon imports. Demand is exceeding supply.