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If Alabama had offered me early on, I would have committed.

Greg Mcelroy

I wanted to prove I could play with the players at Alabama.

Pat Adkison

If you're from Kentucky or Alabama, you're on your own. They have to fend for themselves.

Melissa Miller

I went with Alabama because I always wanted to play in the SEC.

Dedra Magee

We're still going to have a significant presence in Alabama.

Nancy Young

Alabama is considering strengthening its standards, which would be a good thing.

Jackie Savitz

We should be thankful we don't live in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama.

Lisa Smith

I really, truly believe the University of Alabama is bigger and better than this.

Mike Price

East Alabama is one of the best hospitals in Alabama, so I've be enjoying it.

Lee Williams

We drove to Dothan, Alabama.

Mary Taylor

Alabama does have one of the most stringent habitual felony offender acts.

Lynda Flynt

There has been this long connection with Alabama.

Lonnie Strickland

You're fanning like you're in church in Alabama, back in the day.

Ginger Baber

The standard deduction is more valuable in Alabama than it is in New York.

Scott Moody