We have a lot of talent and we need to bring it out this year because a lot of seniors are leaving.

He's really a visionary, ... When you walk into a home provided by the Arc, you can picture yourself in that situation and feel good about it. He has an eye for every detail.

If you're from Kentucky or Alabama, you're on your own. They have to fend for themselves.

I don't always kick it there. I never kick it there. She was (shaded) on the right side where I usually kick it, so I kicked it away from her.

He's raised his own children to have that sensibility, to advocate for people who cannot advocate for themselves, ... We continue to be so fortunate that Jim has dedicated his life to the Arc.

We played really well. We stepped up and did what we needed to do. They got a goal right away but we fought back.

It's not like we can read each other's mind, but we're always there. If one of us goes up, the other stays back.

It's easier talking to her than anybody else because I can be more serious and she takes it the right way. I feel bad yelling at other people, but not her.

I just want to get on to the next round. I think we have a lot of talent on this team. We need to bring it out this year because we have a lot of seniors who are leaving, and this could (have been) our last home game for the seniors.