We do this to educate taxpayers as to how high the total tax burden in America really is -- a lot of the tax burden is hidden from view.

Like I have to start from scratch, I don't have anything.

We've added this whole capability beyond just, if you will, the simple idea of security reasons, ... We go way beyond security and make security convenient.

MWholesaler will enable our retail mutual fund sales team to be more efficient, both internally and externally, ... Our mobile field reps can easily view and update client report details at any time and from any location. Additionally, sales management can view the latest sales activities and make better decisions based on that information.

Entertaining customers is a cost of doing business. The reason it was limited is it was being abused. As soon as you allow businesses to deduct costs, the big question arises what is costs should be deductible. You might see luxury boxes as abuse of that provision, but at least all businesses can utilize the entertainment deduction in some way.

We basically walked Stacy through the whole house and it was a hard time for all of us.

The standard deduction is more valuable in Alabama than it is in New York.

A lot of the newest wireless technologies come from the United States with all the entrepreneurial companies, ... But the market that always uses technology first is Japan. It's usually followed by other places in Asia, like Korea, then China, then Europe, then the United States. It always starts in Japan first.

The applications are kind of endless, ... They could be used in cars, could be used in security systems ... .We have a tremendous opportunity here.