I'm just happy we went out there and got our rings.

If Alabama had offered me early on, I would have committed.

You want to make up for a lot for the players who lost their last game. Seeing some of those guys on the sidelines today when we were running out of the tunnel we were like this is for you. It feels good to do that, but this was for us.

McKay (Jacobson) is just an unbelievable receiver and I'd match him up against any defender in the country. He's just a great player. When anyone is covering one-on-one then you have a mismatch.

Competition for these people is very fierce. It's almost like the dot-com era.

That move really opened up a lot of our other receivers. Corbin got open a few times and made some big plays.

I have the letter laminated and sitting on my desk at home.

About 70 percent of our vacancies require security clearances.

I don't even remember which school it was. But I was like, I'm not even interested in majoring in art history.