They had a cafeteria set up for people to wait while their number was coming up.

They were expecting 150 people and we were the first ones to arrive. They gave us fresh ice, water, juice and food.

Lloyd was asked to speak as a healthcare consultant to physicians, hospital administrators, agents and brokers at very high profile events. Without exception, participants mentioned Lloyd's speech as the high point of the event. It was evident he had researched the organization and the audience.

We drove to Dothan, Alabama.

We ended up using the backpack for a diaper bag. We put everything Damian got in the pack and we still left there with two plastic carrier bags.

Dothan is in the southeast corner of the state. It was on the inside curve of the hurricane, so we felt pretty safe there. We got a little bit of rain, but basically we watched the whole storm on TV.

If she could get work in Roanoke comparable to what she could get there, she'd be here. I think that goes for a lot of people. I think we need to provide more upscale jobs to keep our young people in Roanoke.