"Michael Bruce "Mike" Price" is a retired college football coach, who was most recently the head coach at the UTEP Miners football/University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). He was previously the head coach at Weber State Wildcats football/Weber State College (1981–1988), Washington State Cougars football/Washington State University (1989–2002), and the Alabama Crimson Tide football/University of Alabama, the last from which he was fired before coaching a game in 2003 Alabama Crimson Tide football team/2003.

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It's great having them here. The more, the merrier, really. We're doing everything we can do to promote football.

We'll see how it goes. He's not going to play this week. If he doesn't play by Monday, then it's probably serious. I don't think it's a tear.

He's just running around a little bit. He looked good, though.

(Only), he's such a damn good student, he doesn't have to go into coaching.

He makes good catches. He has been giving a real good effort, and he's a little faster than I thought.

It was OK. We made some big plays. But they acted a little tired. Maybe they didn't use the three-day weekend. I think, right now, it's push-comes-to-shove-time. So let's get it going. The guys need to make this important, because we're running out of time.

I really, truly believe the University of Alabama is bigger and better than this.

If you're struggling or young, you couldn't have a better guy. Because he has unbelievable patience and perseverance.

Normally, it's a lot tougher.