I think we kept our composure. It was real physical and a real intense game, but we kept our composure, we didn't lose our cool and get frustrated, and we used our team work to keep everybody relaxed. It was the effort of all five people on the court.

Some of the feedback I got was very violent. I had two girls come to my room. I had threats of violence messaged to me. People stopped me on my way to class. I was told my self-worth in about 20 words or less.

It is an accident waiting to happen. We have seen an enormous increase in backcountry skiing and snowshoeing over the last five years. It is only a matter of time until we see an avalanche triggered by these explosives that ends tragically.

We should be thankful we don't live in Louisiana, Mississippi or Alabama.

[White] is a good player, so we focused on the help aspect at the defensive end of the court.

We go a lot at home, too.

I don't believe we can we say we want to be treated as regular people, then have a whole month dedicated to them, their race and what they did-- it should just be history.

We've always done trivia. It's tradition. And we also have football bingo, a food contest and plenty of Dollar Store prizes. It's kind of like another holiday for us.

I never know what to expect from these things. My houseboat rode it out great. I was surprised.