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History is a set of lies agreed upon.

Napoleon Bonaparte

We've agreed on a text.

Jonathan Allen

We have agreed on the principles of the visit.

Bill Rammell

We're disappointed at the prospect of losing him. We've reluctantly agreed to make him available.

Gary Hetherington

We agreed with the recommendations.

Les Dorr

They met in early December, and all agreed that this was a good idea.

Claudia Keith

Currently there are no agreed-upon definitions. It won't end up apples to apples.

Dee Anderson

It was the only thing they agreed on in the Middle East.

Peter Engel

The parties have agreed that the planning of the infrastructure will be continued.

Irvin Khoza

They've agreed to negotiate, which is a step forward.

Maia Carroll

We didn't require them to do it, but we agreed with them that it seemed appropriate.

Bob Masuda

That's as far as we agreed for now. We have yet to see how to proceed.

Niki Pilic

These were contested issues, but they agreed to the union's interpretation.

Arnavaz Mistry

They've agreed to not do that again. That is significant.

Steve Parton

There's no agenda that's been agreed on, and there's no meeting that's going to be held.

Chris Cutrone

I wouldn't say anybody agreed to anything.

Michael Gronstal

It was just a discussion. They agreed to move forward.

Matthew Daily

The 9th Circuit agreed with us – that this case never should have gone to the jury.

David Houston

[Eppolito proudly agreed.] That's right, ... King Cop! And you will do this.

Louis Eppolito

If he had said, no I can't do the development to take it down, maybe we would have agreed with him.

Don Temeyer

We're still going to pay the money we agreed to pay.

Oliver Luck

So I have talked with Betsey and Betsey has talked with me, And we have agreed together that we can't never agree.

Will Carleton

It was a choice by both teams. We both agreed to it.

Kevin Higgins

Well, I don't -- we never agreed with the audit.

Jarvis Johnson

I am thrilled that Lionel's mother agreed.

Richard Rosenbaum

I've never agreed to do a cooking show before.

Mark Chesnutt

We agreed to continue talks on the relocation plan.

Fukushiro Nukaga

If there is no agreed negotiating framework, the negotiations will not start.

Kypros Chrysostomides

Afraid that he would be violated on his probation if he refused, McCowen reluctantly agreed.

Robert George

It looks like everything's agreed.

Denis Smith

This is a fair price that we have agreed, but there is always a danger that someone else will come in with a bid.

Peter George

If I thought there was any area of conflict, I would never have agreed to serve.

Jack Smith

I remember the first time someone agreed to pay me for a consultation.

Thom Rainer

According to our information, the owner agreed to pay $450,000 for all three vessels.

Andrew Mwangura

We don't think the records are adequate or accurate. And the auditors agreed with us.

Tony Demaiori

He notified all of us, and we all agreed.

Kelly Burk

We agreed to allow her to go into drug diversion.

Jane Robison

I have never in my life learned anything from any man who agreed with me.

Dudley Field Malone

They agreed ... the fire road has to go.

Daniel Leefson

We agreed that I'd help him for three months, and that was 16 years ago.

Gil Reyes

The cap will be adhered to, period. Baseball's agreed to it. The sports commission's agreed to it.

Mark Tuohey

I agreed to the job, ... but I want to see the camp first, and not have to boost a car to do it.

Frankie Bones

We can only sign him on loan now but we have agreed to sign him in the summer.

George Burley

The parties agreed to mediation then.

Terry Thornton

It was agreed that there will be no military shows in the Palestinian streets.

Saeed Seyam

They both agreed that was an acceptable compromise.

John Burnett

We found that we agreed on more than we disagreed on.

Joel Maturi

We have agreed in principle on a concept. It's not solid yet.

Michael Gronstal

I never learned from a man who agreed with me.

Robert A. Heinlein

I don't know how much the pope and Gloria Steinem really agreed on.

Tom Rodgers

We just agreed we wanted everybody to be happy.

Bill Rowe

I guess I should not have put on that document that we all agreed; that was my mistake.

Nona Chapman

It's my understanding they have agreed to continue talking, and that's exactly what we want them to do.

Rick Grice

It was a last-minute thing agreed to by both parties.

Dock Blanchard

She agreed to pay the huge postage bill. It was one-third of the bill.

Shearon Bailey

It's a credit to the doctors in Aurora who agreed to accept more patients.

Gerald Jones

Michael Jackson even agreed to do it, but then life got in the way.

Richard Brown

Nothing is off the table, and nothing is fully agreed.

Dean Johnson

The horsemen have agreed, and we are holding the race.

Dennis Brow

Was invited and agreed to administer the oath.

Kathy Arberg

So we agreed to a two years lease.

John Hargreaves

We think it reflects the standards we agreed to.

Charles Haynes

We joke about it but we're fine at six. That's what we agreed on and that's the deal.

Pat Finelli

I consulted some constituents and most agreed with me.

Ralph Hall

I support the re-establishment of the pathways that were agreed upon.

Andy Davis

We have not agreed to sell Theo. We want to keep him.

Rupert Lowe

We have agreed to disagree on the interpretation of the law.

Chris Stewart

Was about the only thing we ever agreed on.

Paul Jury

I would be surprised if four members of council actually agreed on this though.

Bill Bias

We are delighted that Pierre has agreed to stay with Sydney FC.

Walter Bugno

We have now agreed upon the language and the finer points.

Kapil Sibal

They agreed to fix it.

Cathy Boring

They had agreed explicitly that they would not move forward with these condemnations, ... They don't have any new condemnations.

Scott Bullock

However, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed.

Christin Baker

They were touring this year with a clarinetist, so I sent it to them, ... They agreed to do it.

Erik Nielsen