"Rupert James Graham Lowe" is a British businessman, who was the chairman of Southampton Football Club from 1996 to 2006. He regained his power in May 2008, teaming up with Michael Wilde, who had previously forced Lowe out, becoming chairman of the club's parent company, Southampton Leisure Holdings PLC, before resigning on 2 April 2009 after the company was placed into administration.

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Dennis has not behaved well and the fact he has taken it with bad grace shows we made the right decision. It smacks of sour grapes. He said he would be happy to continue playing as long as the new manager wanted him; so in no way was he misled. He said he was assured the job was his, but that is simply not true.

We want him to stay but I cannot give any copper-bottomed answers and say he will be here for the next five years or two years or whatever. We hope he will [stay] and, while he is happy that we are the club to give him the right career path to progress, then I am sure he will stay. But if at any stage he wants to go then that will be a matter for him and his advisers and those he talks to.

We do not think it would be right for Theo to leave Southampton.

The whole experience of relegation and the aftermath has been very hard to take but I do believe things are now looking up.

This result directly reflects the very damaging effects of relegation.

I am sorry that Harry's stay at St. Mary's has ended this way. This situation is not of my or Southampton football club's making.

I believe that we now have a management team that will deliver stability, results and exciting football.

We have not agreed to sell Theo. We want to keep him.

We have now received a couple of offers and the indications are another may follow. These have not been accepted or rejected at this stage.